ROBLOX Studio: Building a simple button

ROBLOX Studio: Building a simple button

  • 1. Insert a Part into the Workspace


  • 2. In the top bar make sure you’re on View and enable Explorer and Properties.


  • 3. Select the Part by clicking on it, and scroll down it’s properties list

to make sure the size variable is set to 4, 1, 2.

  • 4. In your Explorer sidebar, right-click the ‘Part’ and hover your mouse over ‘Insert Object’, it should be the only option with a right arrow.

A huge list full of different properties and objects should appear, proceed to left-click ‘Cylinder Mesh’, which is displayed by a round purple ball. 

  • 5. After you’ve completed those steps, you should have something like this.


  • 6. Let’s give our cylinder some colour, change the brick colour preference within the top bar.


  • 7. Now let’s add a material, changing the material is as easy as changing the colour.

We’re going to change the material of our cylinder to ‘Diamond Plate’.

  • 8. Now we’re going to change the size of the cylinder again, but this time change it to 0.5, 0.1, 5.

After changing the size of the cylinder to that preference, you should end up with something like this.

(yes it will be floating in the air but that’s easily fixable, just select/move it to the floor.)


And that’s it, you should be left with an extremely simple button.

The purpose of this tutorial was to give you a better idea on how to use meshes, and changing properties of parts.

What did yours turn out like?



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